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Amazon is Offering Day 2 PCR tests in the UK

Amazon is offering two Covid testing services for UK customers, these include Day 2 PCR tests for those arriving in the UK. This UK launch follows the US launch of testing kits from earlier this year. International travellers can buy a PCR test kit from Amazon for £34.99, including one-day delivery and pre-paid return labels. The swabs are then shipped to their lab based in Manchester, which has been frequently used by the government throughout the Covid pandemic.

Once the kit has been ordered, travellers are given a reference number for their booking. This needs to be included on their Passenger Locator Form (PLF). The kit provides the nasal swab and claims to return results within 24 hours of arrival at the lab. Amazon also offers Covid testing for people who wish to test before meeting friends and family, or before travelling to school or to workplaces.

Amazon uses a method called RT-PCR method that helps detect the virus in an accurate and efficient way. This method is recommended by the NHS for its efficiency, and by the Department of Health and Social Care. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) also recommends it as a reliable testing method. Antoine Dreyfus, the Amazon Director of the Covid-19 testing service states the test kit “offers customers the convenience they’ve come to expect from by providing access to highly accurate COVID-19 testing, at an affordable price” (, 2021). However, the PCR tests have run out within days of arriving on the market, and Amazon warns that tests can’t always be registered over the Christmas period due to Royal Mail closures over the holidays. There have also been issues with stock supplies and shortages with deliveries.

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