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Cheap Covid Tests

Covid tests are being advertised for under £1! Are these tests a scam, and do they work? The UK Government’s approved list of providers has Day 2 PCR tests at very low prices, with some you can buy for 95p. The average price should be £75-£100, therefore questioning the quality of these extremely cheap testing kits. Here at Covid Testing Laboratories, we are not reducing our prices to get on top of the list, but we are offering our product at a price we can afford to deliver the goods successfully to our clients without causing them distress.

Travellers arriving in the UK are required to book and pay for a PCR test, you are required to book from a provider on the UK Government website. However, some listings have been criticised for false advertising and lacking the quality of pricier testing kits. Approved companies are advertising self-swabs from home or provider supervised on-site tests at £.95 and £.98. The lower the price, the higher the company will appear on their list; however, some websites are reportedly very hard to purchase from once you click through.

Can these tests be used and are they reliable? Some options are on-site testing centres or click and collect tests. With these tests, you are required to obtain a code for your passenger locator form (PLF). This is only available once you’ve picked up your test, however, travellers need to use this code which must be filled in 48 hours before travel. Therefore, these cheap options only apply to travellers who can collect kits before departing to come to the UK. These kits are not suitable for people outside of the UK; however, these websites only warn customers once they click through to apply. The price also fluctuates once you click through to buy the tests.

This list is owned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and has strong minimum standards for private providers. They also have high service expectations regarding the reliability and accuracy of providers, warning they will act if these are not met. Further investigations are being taken by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to make PCR testing work better for customers.

Covid Testing Laboratories offers reliable and fast testing kits from a UKAS Accredited lab that is listed on the government approved website. We have different testing kits for travel that provide quick and accurate results, working with the largest laboratories in the UK. We also offer same day and 24-hour result services that are fast and easy.

We can help you if you need proof of a negative lateral flow or PCR pre-departure test and require high quality and reliable kits. You can get a Day 2 PCR Test from us here at Covid Testing Laboratories starting from only £65! These kits are next day processing guaranteed upon receipt of a test sample, these are packaged, robust and secure for transit. You can book online, and we offer a range of at-home options that are quick and easy! Get in touch with us today on 03333350227 or [email protected] or visit us at