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Certificate Of Recovery
From Covid-19

You could be eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel if you’ve had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 6 months but have since recovered fully. Simply fill in our online Covid Recovery Assessment form now and receive your digital certificate in your email within 24 hours. You only pay £50.

Simple: No need for appointments, 5-minute online application process.

Fast: You get your Certificate in just 24 hours, by email.

All-In: No matter your vaccination status, both adults and kids over age 5.

Certificate Of Recovery From Covid-19

Currently, some countries accept certificates that confirm COVID-19 recovery (within the past 180 days) before being allowed entry.

Our GPs can do the assessment as well as provide a COVID-19 recovery certificate where appropriate. They can issue the certificate not less than 10 days after the first positive RT-PCR test.


  • Upon appropriate evidence submission, you get your Certificate within 24 hours
  • It’s acceptable by many countries upon entry (check updated requirements for your destination before you buy)
  • The Certificates are signed by GMC registered doctors
  • Easy application – 5-minute contact-free form
  • You don’t need to book an appointment
  • start now


  • You are eligible if you’ve fully recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months

  • You are above the age of 5 (If you are under the age of 18 a Parent/Guardian must complete the form)

  • Any vaccination status

What you’ll need

  • Your positive Covid-19 Test date

  • A screenshot, PDF, or photo showing the results of your positive test

  • Passport Number

  • Debit/Credit Card


Simply follow the instructions on the test kit provided.  All test require the use of a swab.

To ensure safe travel, some airlines require proof that travelers are fit to fly. This means you need to have proof of a negative Covid test prior to your flight. Our tests are delivered to your home so you can take your test and receive a Fit to Fly Certificate in time for your trip.

We use Royal Mail 'Tracked 24' - in the majority of cases, tests sent via a priority postbox, before the last collection time, will arrive at the laboratory the next day (excluding Sundays and bank holidays).

In a small number of cases deliveries by Royal Mail can be delayed, this would delay your result. You may leave your house to post your test.

All of our laboratories state that results will be available within 24 hours of test sample receipt although often it is quicker than that.

You will receive an email from the laboratory.

You can easily create your own unique test reference number.

Always use our unique identifier CTLSS and the your date of birth in 6 number format ( as the example bellow) then simply add 1 to the end of your date of birth if you purchased a single test.

If you ordered two tests and one is for another person please add 2 to the end of your date of birth.  This creates the identifier for the second test.

The first example below is for date of birth 26th August 1954 and one test.

The second example is for the same date of birth but for 2 tests.

The reference number contain 7 numbers.

Example 1 -CTLSS2608541

Example 2 -CTLSS2608542

Certificate Of Recovery From Covid-19

Entry restrictions due to Covid-19 are changing every day. So please check before you pay for the certificate that you are still eligible for entry into your chosen destination.
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Please note that the information you present should be matching with your identity document.
We required providing your passport number. Many countries require this on your certificate