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Continuing to Keep Workplaces Safe from Coronavirus

With the rise of Omicron Covid-19 cases in the UK and globally, workplaces are continuing to add further measures to keep their employees safe from Coronavirus. The UK Government has introduced Plan B measures in response to the increasing Omicron cases, this introduced work from home guidance, mandatory face coverings and NHS Covid Passes. However, not all industries can work from home and must adapt to new rules regarding workplace safety. We can provide some information from the Government and public health on how to work safely and requirements for health and safety. We also provide details on our Covid testing products and how we can help you and your business with our services. 

Workplace rules that are still unchanged are ventilation, cleaning services and hand washing and sanitising. You should update your risk assessment for your workplace and consider risk factors, and consult the latest Government guidance. Different UK areas can receive extra support due to increasing case numbers, and this varies between Scotland, Wales, and England. 

The contact between workers, customers and clients should be reduced; this prevents increasing risk of transmission. This can be achieved by limiting the number of people you encounter or have contact with, therefore you should organise workgroups and bubbles. Risk assessment measures should consider public health regulations and governmental guidance. 

Public health and government guidance consider vaccinations, workplace testing, face coverings, Covid Passes and contract tracing. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) does not impose these requirements. The NHS Covid Pass is required for status checks and venue entry in the UK. Staff should be supported by their employers to take the Covid vaccine when it’s offered to them. Mandatory face coverings should also be used to reduce transmission. However, these are not considered to be personal protective equipment (PPE). This means they are not covered through health and safety legislation. To keep up to date, check the GOV.UK guidance on face coverings

Workplace testing should take place to keep workers and customers safe, ensuring health and safety is followed appropriately and to prevent transmission. Workplace testing needs to be in place to manage risks of transmission and prevent workers from getting ill. The HSE does not enforce different testing techniques in the UK, but employers can find advice on the GOV.UK website

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