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Lateral Flow Testing for People without Symptoms

We can help provide an explanation of asymptomatic testing and why these tests help play an important role in the national testing programme. NHS services are offering rapid lateral flow tests with standard polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR). However, the government has reported that 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms. Therefore, allowing those with no symptoms to test helps prevent transmission and isolate positive cases early.

Lateral flow tests are easy for people who may be asymptomatic and have no symptoms of Covid. They provide results fast and can detect hidden cases, being a practical and easy method for communities to test themselves.

Here’s how it works: lateral flow technology is adapted to detect proteins or antigens found in positive Covid cases. The kit has a hand-held device with a reading window and pad at the other end, it contains a test paper strip. When you add the liquid, the strip changes colour if you are positive or negative. The image below indicates the different results your test may show.

Negative: one line next to C
Positive: 2 lines on C and T or even faint lines, you need to report to the NHS
Void: no lines or one line on T, you need to retake with a new kit

You need to take a lateral flow swab with a sample from the throat (near the tonsils) and nose, or from the nose only. The swab is dipped into a solution and then dripped onto the pad to give a result. If you are showing symptoms, you should not visit a lateral flow testing centre. You have to immediately self-isolate and take a PCR test.

Lateral flow tests give a quick result and help find positive cases, they go through evaluations from leading scientists to ensure accuracy and reliability of results. They provide effective results to prevent transmission and further positive cases.

When considering the sensitivity of the test, sensitivity should refer to the amount of people with Covid that receive a positive test. If a person has low levels of a virus, these tests are less sensitive than others. However, when virus levels are high, and the person is highly transmittable, lateral flows detect most positive cases.

It is hard to compare PCR and lateral flows in terms of sensitivity because they are both different in controlling the virus and transmission. Lateral flow helps to distinguish whether an individual is infectious at that moment and able to transmit. The sensitivity of the test helps detect most of these cases but less likely to show a positive case outside of the infectious window. The PCR test helps confirm a suspected positive case in those who are already self-isolating with symptoms. They have a higher sensitivity and can identify genetic material after the infection window has ended.

Lateral flows have gone through validation processes from Public Health England and the University of Oxford, as well as trials in different environments and large-scale pilots. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) helps regulate these. The daily testing that is carried out is extremely effective in preventing Covid transmission and for helping reduce the need for self-isolation for contacts.

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