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UK Covid Alert raised to Level 4 as Omicron Cases Surge

With a rapid increase in Omicron cases spreading fast around the UK, the UK Covid alert level has increased from Level 3 to Level 4. The UK Health Security Agency, UK Chief Medical Officers and NHS England Medical Director have all recommended to ministers that the alert level requires this increase due to the high transmission of Covid-19 in communities. This is because it threatens public health and NHS healthcare services, as hospitalisations are increasing already. People should receive their Covid-19 boosters, take precautions in ventilating areas, use face coverings, isolate, and take regular tests.  

During the Christmas period, people were advised not to have work Christmas lunches or parties to reduce social activities that could increase transmission. Therefore, UK scientists are encouraging people to get their booster shots. The covid booster does significantly reduce the risk of Omicron symptoms and the severity of the illness. People who had a second dose 5-6 months ago have a decreased immune response against the Omicron variant. There are more calls for tougher Covid measures to be brought in alongside Plan B to prevent further transmissions and hospitalisations. However, there is research that the booster against Omicron protection wanes within 10 weeks according to the UK Health Agency (UKHSA). Therefore, it is very important that people receive a further 4th jab and take regular Covid tests to increase immunity and protect health.  

Omicron’s high transmissibility makes it a more severe threat despite its lower risk of hospitalisation, with those infected 15 – 20% less likely to end up in hospital compared with those who have the delta variant. However, the variant’s high transmission rate means that health services are experiencing increasing demand and becoming overstretched. NHS trusts are declaring critical incidents in the UK as they are becoming overwhelmed by Omicron patients. Many hospitals are seeing increasingly high numbers and staff shortages due to self-isolation. Staff shortages are causing health services to take on emergency measures, a critical incident means they would no longer be able to provide different critical services. They are therefore calling for help from other staff and organisations.  

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