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Guaranteed next day Lab delivery - Day2 and Day8 PCR test bundle

Day2 and day8 PCR tests

  • Next day test kit processing guaranteed upon receipt of test sample.  Ideal for time sensitive tests.
  •   24 hour postal service – door to door – sent to your arrival address


We offer a variety of different test kits for travel from and return to the UK . We work with the largest COVID-19 testing laboratories in the UK . We utilize various efficient methods to deliver and process your tests in a time sensitive manner From Royal Mail priority post boxes , specialist courier services, regional drop boxes and depots, we ensure that your PCR test results arrive within the timescale required for your holiday . CT Labs regularly check with it’s partners to ensure they have adequate capacity which allow us to offer the most efficient service

Most of our partner Laboratories offer same day and 24 hour result services from receiving the specimen. Our Gold Standard  Lateral Flow test uses instant APP recording and  results saving time and inconvenience

We offer dry swab tests for Pre- departure which are fast and simple to use with less chance of contamination or breakage.

Our Day 2-Day 8 and Day 5 test to release tests  are approved for use and fluid based. We ensure that these tests are  packaged , robust and secure way for transit.

5 reviews for Guaranteed next day Lab delivery – Day2 and Day8 PCR test bundle

  1. Amid. (verified owner)

    I am a journalist and travel for business. CT labs has been invaluable to allow me to get back to work after 5 days. Amid.

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    Excellent company. Really helped me on the phone and test result received on time. Robin.

  3. Grzegorz (verified owner)

    1 review for guaranteed next day lab delivery day2 and day8 PCR test Bundle. Good service fast result.

  4. Zain (verified owner)

    Wonderful thanks for the reply Graham. Luckily the FAQs on the website helped so we were able to figure it out and made our flight! Appreciate your help. Zain.

  5. Neville Robinson


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